If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom be mindful that your countertops are the main focal points. So, you want to be sure your countertops make a statement and there’s no better way to do this than by incorporating granite countertops into your design.

Why Should You Consider Granite Countertops for Your Remodel?

Besides their extreme classic style and natural beauty, granite countertops offer many other benefits.

Below, we explain the various benefits and unique qualities that granite countertops offer you as you look to beautify your living space.

What Are Top Benefits of Choosing Granite Countertops?

In addition to beautifying your living space, granite countertops provide busy homes with many benefits, including:

  • Durability: Granite is a natural stone and is known as the most durable material used for countertops. Due to its solid make-up, granite will not chip, scratch or crack.
  • Resists Bacteria: Granite countertops are not porous, so dirt and bacteria will be not be absorbed into the countertop so busy.
  • Easy To Maintain: Granite is also resistant to stain and chemicals and because it is the hardest material to use for countertops, they are not easily damaged.
  • Green: With so many homeowners striving for sustainability, as a natural stone, granite is the material of choice for countertops.

What Are Unique Qualities of Granite Countertops?

Due to its natural composition, every piece of granite encompasses its own natural pattern so no two granite countertops are alike. Your granite countertops are truly original works of art.

Its everlasting hard surface and durability are also perfect for heavy traffic areas in the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Granite countertops are easy to clean and will never lose its shine by getting wet. Also, spills simply wipe away with no residue or tarnishes, even if it’s nail polish, make-up and other spatters from commonly used items in the kitchen/bathroom areas.

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Investment?

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom boosts the look of the room, but installing granite countertops will increase the value of your entire home. Realtors say homes with granite countertops can increase your home’s value by up to 25% of its retail value.

Will Granite Go Out Of Style?

Granite has been used in homes for thousands of years and it is here to stay. Granite countertops consistently offer a classic design for you and your family to enjoy.

Additionally, if you are placing your home on the market granite countertops can increase the value of your home. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, a majority of prospective home buyers indicated they preferred granite countertops. The survey reported 57% of respondents want granite or natural stone countertop, compared to quartz (an engineered stone), which came in second with 21%, followed by other solid surfaces (12%) and laminate (8%).

What Are Choices in Color and Veining?

There are hundreds of colors to choose from when you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with granite countertops. You can also personalize your granite countertops by polishing them to look sleek or giving them an antique top. You can also create a “rough look” with chiseled edges.

Every granite slab has veining, which are lines of color that naturally cross each slab. With its various coloring, these veins enhance the natural design of your countertops, creating elegance and one-of-a-kind patterns.

Does Granite Come in Different Grades?

Granite comes in various grades/levels, including Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. There are many differences between each grade that you can discuss with your remodeler, but in general here are the most notable differences:

  • Grade 1/Entry-Level : This level produces a thinner slab of granite and is also known as “builder” or “commercial” grade.
  • Grade 2/Middle-Grade: This grade level has an average slab thickness of ¾-inch, and the patterns are more unique than and Grade 1/Entry-Level slab.
  • Grade 3/High-Grade: This is the highest, most expensive grade and has the finest quality and more distinctive patterns.


There are many reasons homeowners consider granite countertops as their number one choice when remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to bringing in natural beauty and much needed durability in high traffic areas, granite countertops add value to their homes.

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