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Here at Best Granite & Marble Inc. we have been a family owned business since the 1960’s.

Thank you to our clients, for giving us the many years of opportunities to show the creative and talented skills we have to sculpt your desired kitchen/bath out of the Granite, Marble or Quartz that you chose from.

We here at Best Granite, stand behind a motto, and that motto is: “TREAT OUR CUSTOMERS THE WAY WE WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.” To some, it would be a cheesy saying and to others, they would say that this is just a slogan to get people through the door, but for us we stand by that. Let us show you that we mean business and what we mean by that on your next project. When walking through the doors of Best Granite, you will have a team that is ready to absorb all your ideas! We take those kitchen and bath ideas and to some dreams, and turn them into your REALITY! Even if you don’t have the slightest clue on what you want in your home, don’t let that be the reason you turn away.

Our team here at Best Granite, would love to give you some ideas or suggestions! We want you happy and satisfied, because let’s be honest if it wasn’t you, the customers, Best Granite & Marble Inc. would not be here. So, with that being said, stop by to meet the team at Best Granite and Marble and let us meet your top standards! No top gets turned away, no matter the size of the job!

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I recommend Best Granite to everyone!

Have done business with the company for several years and they are dependable, clean and courteous BUT most of all there work and customer service is second to none!

Barb B.

Great experience. Their work is flawless and know the tricks of the trade!

They have a wonderful showroom and facility with an open layout. You are greeted at the door and get to meet everyone. Great experience. Their work is flawless and know the tricks of the trade; fast and efficient.

Strictly S.

I Highly Recommend Best Granite & Marble

They stand by their name. They are the BEST!!

Vikram G.

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