Remodels can be for a lot of reasons. It could be you’ve had your bathroom forever; it could be it’s starting to show wear, it could be fairly new but you wanted to customize it. Whatever the reason, the decision to remodel your bathroom is a big and exciting step which leaves you with a lot of choices and a lot of customizations, depending on your budget. But if you’re still on the fence about remodeling your bathroom, you may be surprised to find there are plenty of reasons, some things you may be experiencing right now, to remodel your bathroom.

Increasing value in your home is one of the top reasons you’ll remodel your bathroom.

Especially if your bathroom is part of the house model without any upgrades. You’ll want to upgrade with new materials, more luxurious and study products, and more modern looks. You may also need to update plumbing or have true safety reasons to update your bathroom.

Below are some examples of instances to remodel your bathroom that you may or may not already be facing.


A bathroom is a common and fairly simple place to upgrade your home through a remodel. The first place to look is your countertops. Quarts, granite, and marble are all common counter upgrades from builder grade options that are both aesthetically pleasing and far sturdier. You can also use the same materials to update your tiling, backsplashes, or your shower and bathtub.


If you’ve got an older house, sometimes upgrade and updates are a point of safety. Is the electrical work in your bathroom up to modern day code? You may also find leakages that can cause damage to your infrastructure or cause slip hazards on the floor. Further, make sure your plumbing is up to date to avoid leaks, inefficient plumbing flows, or dangerous and out of date materials in the plumbing.

New Needs

Your family may be growing, which could mean you have new needs from your bathroom. Maybe you recently married and you want to make space in your bathroom for your spouse. Maybe your kids also use the bathroom and you need to get more sinks available. Perhaps a half bath needs to become a full bath to suite your growing household. A growing family is a big reason to remodel and renovate.

Related Questions

How do I know if my bathroom is outdated?

If your house is over ten years old, chances are it needs some updates. Getting an inspection can help you know what is necessary to change and update and energy bills can also reveal if your pipes are costing you money.

What’s the best countertop upgrade?

While your bathroom counters don’t get as much punishment as the ones in the kitchen, they take a look of use and water. Quartz, marble, and granite are among the best for beauty and for use.

Talk to a local contractor about the best moves you can make to upgrade your bathroom starting with the countertops!

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