Picking a countertop material can have you balancing a lot of different things. You could be considering finishing, maintenance, staining, durability, color, or any other of the number of aspects that come with different countertop options. But when it comes to specific interests, namely doing high level cooking in the kitchen, top chefs in the world prefer granite countertops.

Whether you consider yourself a high-level professional chef or simply want to be able to cook quality meals for your family, granite is a top choice.

There are a few different aspects of granite that make it ideal for professional chefs.

For some, it’s the color options and aesthetics available to them for their themed kitchens. But assuming your kitchen is in a home what you’ll find most beneficial is the resistance, hardness, and durability of granite, as well as the maintenance requirements. Any countertop of quality requires a bit of research to find and maintenance to maintain.

Below are important factors that go into purchasing granite where professional chefs are concerned.

Mohs Scale Level

Granite is a hard material. The Mohs scale was developed by mineralogist Frederich Mohs in the early 19th century to determine a minerals hardness. On this scale which goes from 1-10, granite ranks in at 6 or 7 depending on its makeup, putting it on the harder end of the spectrum. It’s made up of mainly quarts and feldspar, which are durable minerals on their own.

Resistance Abilities

Granite’s hardness and lack of porous spots makes it very resistant to daily wear and damages. It is resistant to chipping, scratching, heat damage, and even stains. This means chefs can go nuts with various cooking experiments on a granite surface without worrying about damage. Even if something does happen to chip or scratch the granite, repairing it is simple and doesn’t require a full replacement slab.


A surface that is easy to clean and maintain is a must have for a chef. Granite’s smooth surface means cleaning it is simple and it’s not porous, so staining is not an issue. To maintain the granite itself there are simply granite cleaners and surface protectors to help maintain the seal and add longevity to the granite’s workload in your kitchen.

Related Questions

What colors does granite come in?

Another big benefit of granite is its variety of colors. Some of the more popular ones include darker black or black pearl. You can also get tan or brown or even a light white color.

Is granite hard to install?

Granite is no more difficult to install than any other countertop material and timing depends on how much countertop you’re having installed.

Talk to your countertop professional about the benefits of granite in your home and how to make the best choice for your at home chef.

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