While hunting for the best countertops, there’s a good chance you never considered porcelain countertops. You have porcelain in multiple places in your home, but countertops may not be a place you’re used to seeing porcelain. But the popularity of porcelain countertops is on the rise.

If you’re about to embark on a kitchen remodel, you might want to consider porcelain countertops.

There’s a lot to love about porcelain countertops. They’re sleek, they’re durable, they’re fairly lower maintenance than other options, and they boast a pretty great look for your kitchen. This style of countertop has been popular in Europe for quite some time and only recently came to the United States as an option of growing popularity. Find out why.

Below are some facts about porcelain countertops to keep in mind as you are working through your decision making process for new kitchen countertops.

What Is Porcelain?

You’ve heard of it a lot, you’ve probably seen it in a lot of places. But what exactly is porcelain? Porcelain is made from a specific type of clay called China clay and it has a high concentration of kaolinite, silica, and feldspar. After being fired at a super high temperature it forms a super dense material that is highly resistant to stains, UV bleaching, cracking, and chipping.

The Pros

There’s a lot to love about porcelain countertops. They’re stain resistant. It’s non porous so it doesn’t absorb liquids and is resistant to most chemicals. It stands up to heat, scratching, chemicals, and impact. It’s an incredibly hard and durable material for your countertop. It also comes in numerous color and pattern options and it’s made out of 100% natural materials.

The Cons

Porcelain countertops are, however, not perfect. The beauty of porcelain doesn’t go incredibly deep. It’s not traditional stone so many of its benefits only go “skin-deep” because of the nature of the fired clay. There’s also a limited supply of porcelain for countertops which can make the price more than what most homeowners want to pay.

Related Questions

What Are My Color Options?

The options for colors in porcelain are nearly limitless because all the colors come from natural pigments in the clay and minerals. Dark, light, something in between, there’s a color option for everyone. They also look as natural as they are, which is a hug benefit.

What Is the Maintenance?

Porcelain, like all countertops, requires a general cleaning once a week to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. You might want to consider a quality countertop cleaner to better preserve the material. Harsher chemicals can be used on porcelain.,

If you’re looking for new countertops, consider porcelain as an alternative to granite or your more mainstream options. This decision can be overwhelming, so we recommend visiting a local design center that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels to speak with a specialist.

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