Deciding you want a granite countertop is not the end of your exploration of granite options. Even if you already have granite countertops in your home, selecting a different color or grade may be an upgrade to what you currently have. Granite is complex. It forms when molten lava flows into other rocks and cools over time.

Granite is among the hardest stones in the world which makes it a beautiful and durable option for countertops in the home.

While many people settle for marble or quartz as other options, neither stone can truly replace the beauty and sustainability of granite in the home. So, deciding on granite and investing in its beauty is step one. The second step is to look at the levels of granite you can have in your home and what those different levels and colors mean for your granite countertops.

Below is an introduction to different levels of granite and information about them to help you make your choice in granite countertops.

Level 1 Granite

This is also known as entry level granite or commercial grade. It’s lower quality and pre-fabricated. It’s used for apartments and model homes, most often. This is a thinner cut of granite that’s usually got plywood backing underneath of it. The colors are standard and do not vary much across the grade. It usually comes from China at low cost to distributors.

Level 2 Granite

Also known as mid-grade granite, this type is thicker than commercial grade granite, for starters. Where the previous was 3/8ths of an inch these granite slabs are three quarters of an inch thick. The designs and colors on this level are also more varied and much more unique than level 1 granite. It generally tends to be imported from India and Brazil at more expensive a price.

Level 3+ Granite

High grade granite is one of the finest quality materials you can put in your home. The look of it is fine and beautiful but the material itself is rare to source. Anything above a level three is considered high quality granite and many companies will go for granite ratings as high as 6 or 7. It’s thickness is around 3/4ths of an inch and it’s usually sourced from India or Brazil in a multitude of unique colors and patterns.

Related Questions

How Can I Check the Quality of My Granite?

Start by trying to measure the thickness of the slab since lower quality granite is usually thinner. Look at the color and design to make sure it’s uniform throughout and it should have a clear ringing sound when you strike it.

What Are the Cheapest Colors of Granite?

White and tan granite both tend to be among the lesser expensive colors along with black. But all three colors make up the most popular granite color choices in homes.

Granite is a complex and beautiful material that deserves attention to detail and research. Talk to a professional countertop installer about your granite needs.

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