If you are remodeling your kitchen or bath and have decided to go with granite, you undoubtedly have discovered the many varieties of granite. There are many different colors, shades, and mineral combinations that make granite so diverse.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best granite color to make your kitchen or bath look amazing.

Sparkly to Subtle

Whether you’re looking for a mid-Century modern look or something more relaxed with Earth tones, you will find a shade of granite that makes your kitchen or bath look amazing. Granite is an igneous rock, a natural stone made mostly of feldspar and quartz. Other rocks that comprise granite include gneiss, basalt, monzonite, diabase, pegmatite, granodiorite, and other rocks can all fall under the “granite umbrella,” ranging from super sparkly to subtle.

When a granite slab is reflective and has dimension, it has a more dramatic look. Understated slabs of granite are just as beautiful yet more versatile and classic.

Whites, Blues, Browns, Grays, Golds, Reds, Glitter

Granite slabs are cut and polished to make gorgeous countertops and elegant bathroom tiles. Whether you’re tiling your bathroom floor or your shower, you will be amazed at what a transformation the installation of granite will give the place.

Colored granite can really make a statement, especially when it’s paired with light cabinets. White granite typically has pieces of milky white quartzite in it and really stand out with darker cabinets. Other white granites have black, gray, or blue specks throughout the slab’s pattern. Bathrooms and smaller spaces are ideal for white granite because it opens up the space, however, if you are looking for drama, colored granite is your best bet.

Black Granite

Black Granite is considered a popular favorite among modern and contemporary renovators, looking for sleek, sophisticated kitchens and baths. Black granite with a subtle silver or gold sparkle in it is beautiful, elegant, and strong. It’s as practical as it is beautiful. Black granite is incredibly popular today for homes that favor modern, contemporary design.

For late century homes with modern updates, lighter granite tones are commonly favored. Golds, reds, and browns with various sparkly or glittery accents can really breathe life into a new kitchen. They also look fantastic and stay classic with the rest of the modern updates and late century stylings.


Granite is a wonderful choice when remodeling your kitchen or bath. Your best bet is to work with a designer or go to a kitchen and bath showroom so that you can look at all the kinds of granite available to you. Look at all the books of granite tiles. Flip through the samples until you find the granite that really works for you. The perfect granite for you is out there – you just have to find it. Happy Remodeling!

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