Marble countertops add a clean and bright look to any the kitchen, dressing up the space to leave it looking absolutely stunning. However, before you start adding it to your home, make sure you know all the pros and cons that lie within doing so.

So, what are the pros and cons of marble countertops in the kitchen?

Will marble be hard to take care of? Is it affordable? We’ll answer these questions and more. Let’s dive in and discuss the cons first.


High Maintenance

Sounds bad right off, sure, but it’s good to know the truth! Marble is prone to stain, it’s a very porous material that absorbs staining agents. This includes oil, wine, tomato sauce, etc. This however can be lessened by using a professional sealant on the surface upon installation. It won’t prevent the staining, but will help reduce any stains. To go the extra mile and further protect from stains, repeat the sealing process every six months.

Vulnerable to Etching

Marble is a soft material which means it is vulnerable to etch (scratch). As the sealant dulls over time it makes scratching more possible. Being exposed to acid, like from lemons or coffee, can breakdown the sealant. An option to look into is honed marble countertops. This matte and less polished marble can be a good alternative that make scratches less noticeable.

Now that we understand what could keep us from using marble countertops in the kitchen, let’s look to the reasons why it may be good to.


The Look

Who are we kidding? Marble looks gorgeous! It’s classic, the clean and brightness look do not compare to other countertop options.


Compared to other materials used for counter tops, such as Quartz or granite, marble is cheaper. Carrera marble is the most common and is readily available making it more affordable. Of course, rarer types of marble have a higher price tag but all in all are typically the least expensive option of natural stone countertops.


Marble is a naturally cool stone making it great when working with pastry. It also is heat-resistant, it can handle the higher temperatures that come with baking and cooking. However, it is always best to use a pot holder instead of direct exposure.

Easy to Find

Marble is widely and readily available and typically can be found in any stone yard.

After reading and weighing the pros and cons let’s say you decide to go with marble countertops.
This decision might solicit another set of questions that might come to mind.


Do Marble Countertops Increase Home Value?

Maybe you are looking to the future and are wondering about resale value. Will those beautiful countertops help you in selling your home? The short answer is, yes. Marble countertops are appealing to buyers when comparing to countertops made from older materials such as laminate. Any home improvement projects that install upgraded and stylish materials to your home, especially in the kitchen, make for the best investment.

How to Take Care of Marble Countertops

When taking care of your marble remember these four words: seal, protect, clean and spot treat. We discussed the sealing process earlier under “high maintenance”, remember although sealing your marble won’t prevent staining overall it will work to repel staining agents. Protect the marble from any acidic compounds, this includes citrus and tomato. Make sure to not let such acids sit on the marble especially for an extended period of time.

Clean your marble regularly but avoid using abrasive cleaners or vinegar. A damp sponge and stone cleaners that can be purchased at home stores are the best to use. If you happen to have a stubborn stain, spot treat. Use a poultice paste (can be easily purchased online), apply to the stain by spreading it over the damaged area and cover with plastic wrap. Seal the plastic wrap with masking or painters’ tape. Wait till it’s dry, around 12 to 24 hours, and scrape off the paste. Wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.


Choosing marble countertops in your kitchen are really about personal preference. If you are fine with the maintenance and care that comes along with it then marble might be a good decision for you. It’s no secret that marble adds to any home with its warmth and classic beauty. Best of luck deciding if it’s right for your kitchen!

At Best Granite and Marble, we will help make the process of choosing countertops and colors fun and engaging. The good news is that you have options. Our vast selection of kitchen countertops ensure that we will find the perfect countertop solution. Other countertop options include quartz, granite and porcelain.

Even though marble is more delicate than granite counter tops, marble is an excellent investment, and offers years of enjoyment in your residence. Our professional countertop installers ensure proper installation that ultimately increases the life of your new countertops. We are a family owned granite and marble business that has been making Michigan homes beautiful while increasing their value for over 50 years! Call us today for a Free Countertop Consultation on your kitchen or bathroom countertop remodel project!