Marble countertops are a beautiful luxury in any home that happens to have them. And to keep them that way you need to do some serious work maintaining them. Marble countertops require some real tender love and care to make sure they maintain their pristine shape. It’s a soft, natural stone that can’t be treated as if it’s any other countertop material.

For starters, cleaning and maintaining marble isn’t particularly laborious or time consuming.

But it does need to be implemented regularly and diligently and there are some important things you should aim to avoid when it comes to the process itself and the materials that you use. There’s definitely a wrong way to go about this so you need to make sure you’re doing the right things before you dive into work.

Below are the common do’s and the common don’ts of maintaining and cleaning marble countertops.

The Do’s

These are the things you should be doing. Keep the cleaning solution simple and nonabrasive. Polish your marble regularly after cleanings. Take steps to prevent spills and other potential damage and staining throughout your daily life. Do have a schedule of cleanings throughout the seasons to make sure you’re doing it regularly. You should also consult with a professional whenever you have questions.

The Don’ts

Don’t get generic or cheap cleaning solution for your marble countertop and don’t get cleaners high in acids or alkalis that can be abrasive to the marble. In that same vein, don’t use an all-purpose cleaner, find something specifically for marble countertops. Don’t use abrasive pads while cleaning, use soft cloths and paper towels to do the actual cleaning.

Related Questions

How Often Should I Clean Them?

Make cleaning your marble countertop part of your monthly cleaning routine, making sure not to use cleaning material that’s too abrasive. You should also be reactive and clean the countertops after spills each time using the same process.

Is Marble Strong?

Another don’t is to make sure you’re not putting too much weight on your marble countertops. While marble is a durable material, it also softer and the thin slabs used to create countertops can be vulnerable in ways that other marble structures are not. Don’t sit or stand on them and be mindful of the weight of any countertop appliance.

The biggest “do” you can do is do research and talk to countertop professionals about maintaining your marble countertop. Enjoying the look and feel of new countertops in your kitchen or bathroom is a feeling that will last for years especially if you take care of them.

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