You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to new countertops. You’ve got sturdy options, aesthetic options, expensive options, inexpensive options. The world of countertops really is your oyster. So why should you consider porcelain as a serious contender for your new countertop material?

There are plenty of great reasons to give porcelain countertops a consideration across any budget or design needs.

What you decide for your countertops makes a huge impact on the rest of the room from an aesthetic standpoint and can decide the level of care and upkeep you’ll be providing during your time in the home. A decision on countertops can have long lasting implications so you want to make sure you’re picking the right countertops to get the most out of your kitchen.

Below are some great reasons to consider porcelain countertops during your next kitchen remodel.

Aesthetic Value

While porcelain is not granite or quartz it is beautiful in its own way. It comes in a variety of colors and grain patterns making it highly customizable and easy to match to. You can choose between dark base patterns and subtle veining or more robust color statements, all while keeping the earth tones at the fore front of your color scheme and matching easy to any kitchen.


While granite is prided for its ability to withstand virtually anything, porcelain has durability and doesn’t come with the need for maintenance and upkeep at the level granite does. It’s both very strong and incredibly lightweight. It’s fire and heat resistant, scratch resistant, and does not require excessive coating to avoid burns, scratches or stains.


Porcelain is also praised for its versatility as a countertop material in a variety of rooms in the home. It can be used in the kitchen where it will withstand heat and staining and general use, it can be a bathroom countertop and accent the décor, it’s even a great option for your at-home bar or outdoor patio countertop. It can be placed in virtually any setting and work perfectly for your needs.

Related Questions

Is porcelain a cost-effective option?

Porcelain is a more cost-effective option when compared to quartz, granite, and marble. It’s a less rare material but no less effective as a countertop. It also tends to have a lower cost for installation and low cost of maintenance.

What maintenance does porcelain require?

Porcelain countertops do not require any sealing, unlike quartz and granite. It can be cleaned easily with any sort of cleaner and rag. The color does not fade and is unaffected even if in direct path of the sun. It’s slip resistant and stain resistant as well.

Consider porcelain countertops for your home’s countertop needs. Start by visiting a local design center that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels to speak with a specialist.

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