While it may seem minimal, countertop material has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your new bathroom. If you’ve got plans underway for a bathroom remodel but just can’t decide between marble or granite or quartz for your countertops, you’ve come to the right place.

Like most of us, you probably love the classic look and cool feel of pure marble – but do you have an intimate understanding of its daily upkeep, price, and function?

Marble is an elegant and timeless material that compliments every room in every home.

But depending on your budget, lifestyle, and willingness to clean, it may not be the best choice for your bathroom. On the other hand, marble may be the perfect selection and all that’s left is to break out a hammer and install. So, let’s dive into the pros and cons as well as tips for maintaining that beautiful new stone.

The Good

It’s Beautiful

There’s just something about marble that instantly elevates a space. Bright notes of color and deep veins mimic nature and are rarely replicated elsewhere. If you’ve got a simple aesthetic, marble’s distinctive character and unique patterns add that sleek pop of color.

When it comes to bathrooms, marble gives the space a luxurious feel. White marble especially enhances that fresh, clean look that everyone’s after for their home’s new bathroom.

Home Value

If you’re thinking long-term, marble countertops will increase your home’s value. In fact, marble countertops may boost your home’s sale price by 3 to 7 percent. Marble with waterfall designs and curved or specialty edges adds additional value.

The Bad

Wear & Tear

It’s no secret that marble countertops are more porous than other countertop materials and therefore require more maintenance. Marble’s porous nature means its more susceptible to stains and etching from acidic liquids such as harsh cleaners, wine, and lemon juice.

Bathrooms often mean loads of products, especially if you’ve got a vanity packed with facial cleansers, nail polish removers, and hair gels. These types of products often contain acidic chemicals and, if spilled frequently enough, will damage the marble. If you’re not the tidiest in the bathroom and love to stock your counter with spillable soaps and solutions, marble may not be your smartest investment.

The Price

With the beauty and elegance of marble comes a steep(er) bill. While certainly affordable, marble costs about $25 more per square foot than granite. However, as mentioned previously, adding marble countertops ups your home’s value.


Seal, Seal, Seal

If you do decide that marble is the best choice for your new bathroom, there are several ways to keep the stone looking fresh and intact throughout the year. We recommend sealing your countertop at least twice per year, especially if you’re confident that this bathroom will become a high traffic area with lots of room for spills (ie. guest bathroom, kids’ bathroom).

When it comes to marble countertops, you can’t overseal. Consider purchasing countertop cleaners that contain sealers. Using sealing cleaners on a daily basis adds that extra layer of protection.

Use Coasters!

Condensation from cups can slowly wear away at any countertop, but especially one as sensitive to mess as marble. While it’s unlikely you’re using drinking cups in the bathroom, consider placing coasters beneath the cups that hold your toothbrushes and soaps.

Act Fast

When something spills, clean the mess immediately. Don’t let carelessness damage your easily-stained surface.

Hire Professionals

If you do stain or damage that beautiful marble countertop, call the cleaners. Professional cleaners can re-polish or re-hone your marble should stains or etching pile-up. Professionals can also fill your marble if it ever chips (as it may inevitably do). We recommend having your marble re-polished or re-honed at least once per year for optimal maintenance.


Home renovation is an exciting time, especially if you love designing, planning, and perfecting a new space. While marble is truly a timeless classic, like every remodeling decision, the material has its benefits and its downfalls. If you do decide that marble is the best option for your home, remember to make maintenance a top priority.

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