When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, picking the right countertop material is crucial for durability and upgrade. You need something better than what you have both physically and aesthetically and you also need something that is going to offer the right accent to the rest of the bathroom. Marble countertop is one of many options for countertops.

Marble is beautiful, durable, and a reliable countertop material that will brighten your bathroom and instantly add value to any remodel.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to selecting countertop materials, especially for your bathroom. Look, fit, durability, and maintenance all play a role in what you should choose for your new bathroom countertop. Do you want something that will last with minimal maintenance? Do you want something that will not break the bank? Do you want something that is clean and classic? Depending on your answers, marble may be right for you.

Below are some facts about marble countertops that will be pros and cons depending on your needs.

Classic Look

Marble is a classic and beautiful look. It can give the appearance of a Roman bathhouse in your own home. The unique veining patterns in each marble slab also make every marble structure unique while maintaining the expected and signature look of sharp, white marble. From an aesthetics standpoint, it can’t be beat.


Marble is somewhat low in availability which means it can very pricey, very quickly, especially for larger slabs. If you’ve got a budget for the cost of materials on top of labor, then maybe this isn’t a problem for you. But for many this can be an unexpected cost and potentially the marble you want isn’t even available at the time you want it.


Marble is very porous which means it requires more periodic sealings than most countertop surfaces. The porous nature of the stone allows for water damage and stains to enter into the stone. In a place with high traffic use and constant exposure to water like a bathroom, marble may not be the best choice if you don’t want to worry about periodic upkeep.

Related Questions

What Are Other Options?

If you don’t want marble, quartz and porcelain are cheaper options. Quartz is ideal for bathroom counters and can mimic the look of marble quite well with an added durability.

Where Is Marble Best for In the House?

Marble is a great option for indoor areas like living rooms and bedrooms where exposure to water or other hazards will be low. Polished marble can even become slippery when exposed to too much humidity.

Marble could be the key to happiness in your new bathroom or it could be a major misstep. Do research and consult with professionals for the perfect countertop solution!

Choosing the right countertop can be overwhelming. At Best Granite and Marble, we will help you make the right decision by answering all your countertop questions to help determine what’s best for your remodel. We are a family owned and operated granite and marble business that has been making kitchens and bathrooms beautiful throughout Michigan homes for over 50 years.

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