Designing in your kitchen can be fun but also can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not design inclined. It may be hard to see all the possibilities for color and coordination available to you and that could make it tempting to just go with builder grade colors for everything. But you have a lot of room to explore and create when it comes to deciding on color designs for your home.

Kitchen countertops can be the most important design aspect so deciding the type of countertop first may help guide the rest of the look.

There’s a lot of ways to dip your toes into the world of color and design when it comes to home décor, especially in the kitchen. There’s different color pallets to utilize, different textures, different shapes. It’s not just material and tones, there’s a whole world of options. Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore, focus in on colors you like, and note the different ways to match granite countertops to other materials through shape and texture.

Below are some easy ways to start out your decor journey as you work through the different ways you can design your kitchen around your countertops.


While some methods are tried and true, some require some trial and error and that’s part of the fun. Explore your options, flip through a magazine or designer’s website. Look at décor resources and even visit trade shows if you’re able. You might find combinations you never thought possible by looking at the trailblazing work modern designers have put together for internal design options.

As you are looking, make note of the countertops that are appealing. Are they granite or quartz countertops? What color are they and is there texture in the stone? Do they standout against the cabinets or do they blend into the overall look?

Focus on Three Colors

A good way to focus your options is to hone-in on three colors—two dominant colors that complement each other and a third accent color. The dominant colors should be simple and follow a theme. They can be earthy, bright, or dark. The accent color should feel like a pop but not an intrusive one. Explore different shades of color and different emotional palettes to put together the best possible design for your kitchen.

Are the granite counters going to be one of the dominant colors or an accent color? Ask your countertop professional to see samples of the colors that granite and quartz are available in.

Keep an Eye on Texture

It’s more than just colors, textures can also be mixed and matched between your cabinets and countertops. While the textures of your countertops and counters are naturally going to different, you have some room to go farther when picking material to accent the textures against each other and even the shape of the materials. Are you going for a fluid look to resemble marble or a granular aesthetic that displays rock and stone?

Related Questions

What if I want to go with something bold or trendy?

Don’t do it with your flooring, cabinets, or countertops. While trendy and bold designs do have a place in the kitchen, these staples need to last you. If you are planning on selling your home in the distant future, a trendy and bold kitchen may not appeal to future buyers. So, experiment with color but don’t go with an unproven design or material.

Do the floors have to match the counters?

Coordinate colors but don’t worry about matching them. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to make sense and have a flow to it. You want your floors and counters to play off each other and whether you want them to blend or contrast is up to the overall look you are going for.

Countertops are a great place to start when designing your new kitchen so talk to your countertop design specialist about all your options. Also, experiment with colors and have fun while designing your dream kitchen.

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