Marble is among the most beautiful countertops but also among the most delicate when it comes to staining. Its porous makeup makes it an easy target for stains and etchings and can mean you have to put in a little extra work to make sure it’s kept good as new. The good news is that’s incredibly easy to do as long as you make sure you’re following the right practices and keeping a schedule on it.

Marble means sealant, you’ll be using it often so make sure you invest in a brand you like.

You’ll also need to regularly clean your countertop with the right materials to keep it clean and well maintained on a daily basis between bigger cleanings and sealant coats. Ultimately, it’s pretty easy, just requires a bit of work and attention to detail.

Below are some of the most important things to remember about marble countertop maintenance.

Good Sealant

Marble is a porous stone, so the surface needs to be sealed in order to prevent invasion into the stone material. When you get a fresh countertop delivered and installed, it won’t have any sealant applied unless you ask for it. To apply it yourself make sure the surface is clean and dry and then take a cloth with sealant and wipe it over the surface. This should last about a year before it needs to be reapplied. You can monitor the state of sealant by watching liquid on the counter surface, if water no longer pools into a drop, it’s time for new sealant.

Clean Daily

At the very least you should be wiping down your countertop daily with a nonabrasive cloth or sponge and a mixture of water and a mild soap. Make sure to tackle spilled liquids or foods that could stain right away and do as much food prep as possible off the direct surface. Make sure the cleaners you use aren’t corrosive to marble and any scrubbing devices you use don’t leaving etchings.

Tackle Stains and Etching

Marble is susceptible to etching, especially from acidic materials like tomato and lemon. You can tackle dull marks on the surface through buffing treatment. As for stains, you’ll want to tackle an abrasive sponge to the area, carefully, in order to remove the sealant and get done to the stain itself. When it is cleaned and completely dry, you can reapply sealant to the surface.

Related Questions

Is marble hard to maintain?

Marble is not hard to maintain if you know what you’re doing, and you take the time. It’s porous and that makes it susceptible to stains and etching. But following easy instructions will keep it looking good as new.

How often should I reseal my marble countertops?

Ideally, you’ll do it once a year, but high use countertops could mean you’re resealing every 3-6 months. The countertop will decide what it needs, and you can check by watching how liquids react to the surface of the countertop.

Talk to your countertop professional to find out how you can best care for your marble countertops and avoid costly mistakes.

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