Granite is among the best choices you can make for your countertop options. It’s incredibly durable, resistant to stains, and every various offers a gorgeous array of colors. But the trade-off here is the upkeep, granite takes time and attention to keep them beautiful and as long lasting as they are, at times, means sealing.

Granite countertops have a natural porous nature to them that other countertops, such as quartz, do not.

Because of this, they often must be sealed to prevent damage or setting in of liquids. But not all granite is the same or has the same level of absorption. There are some things you need to check before you start sealing your granite countertops.

The steps to testing if your granite is in need of sealing are below

Pour Out Some Water

What we’re testing for is how quickly the countertop absorbs water. It will give you a good idea of how porous it is. Take about a fourth cup of water and gently pour it over the surface of your granite countertop. Note the time when you do this.

Watch What Happens

While you don’t need to sit and stare at the puddle of water on your countertop, you do need to keep an eye on what it does. It will slowly absorb into the surface of the granite. Keep an eye on it as it does this. It’s also possible after a half hour the water is still sitting there, which means you don’t need to seal the surface.


If the water immediately absorbs, you’ll need at least a couple of layers of sealant and to reapply it annually. If the water lasts for about 5 minutes, you’ll still need a couple of layers of sealant but only need to reapply coats every few years. If it takes 10 minutes or more, only a single layer is needed for the next couple years. If after a half hour the water has not absorbed, you don’t need to apply any sealant.

Related Questions

How Long After Sealing a Countertop Can It Be Used?

As a rule of thumb, give new sealant 24 hours to fully set and settle before you start using the countertop again. Continue to clean up spills as quickly as possible and note how often you need to reapply the sealing coat.

What If I Don’t Seal My Granite?

While granite is resistant to stains, it can develop water marks if it is unsealed. The water gets in and settles in the stone. The result can be a permanently discolored or even dirty appearance to your otherwise beautiful countertops.

Granite countertops are a gorgeous investment, but they require work. Do your research, perform the water test, and keep your countertops beautiful, it’s worth it.

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