Quartz is a relatively new countertop option, but its benefits have made it a fast-growing purchase among customers and they’re pretty loyal and sticking to their choice. They lack some of the defects of natural stone countertops thanks to their engineering, though they do have some faults of their own.

If you’re looking for new countertops in your bathroom, quartz can be a great option to go with as an upgrade.

Quartz is a beautiful countertop option. The finish is spectacular, and you have a much wider range colors and aesthetics in this style than in natural stone. Its strength is comparable to granite and concrete but has a bit more give to it, preventing easy chipping or cracking that you may get with those materials.

Here are some of the benefits of quartz countertops.

Color and Finish

Quartz countertops are engineered stone, so they have a lot more options of color and finish available to you that granite and other natural stone options do not. The spectrum of colors is wider, allowing for a more robust ways to match the countertops to walls or other aesthetics. The finish on quartz is also deeper and more complete.


Quartz matches the strength of granite countertops and concrete. It’s durable and even more durable, in some cases, than granite and concrete, avoiding chipping and cracks thanks to a more forgiving makeup. They’ll take the hit without getting the denting or markup or other marks. It won’t necessarily withstand everything, but it will withstand most.

Stain Resistant

Granite tends to be good for use because it can resist staining if you get them cleaned up fast enough, but quartz has an even better stain resistance. It’s nonporous and stands up to stains from wine, juice, dirt, and any other liquid or stain that could happen in a bathroom from makeup to cleaning chemicals.

Related Questions

What Are the Cons?

The price tag is the biggest con for most. It can be a couple a hundred per square foot, making a full countertop install easily pass the $1,000 mark and more when labor and fees are taken into account. Quartz also has a less authentic look that may not be up the alley for certain customers.

Is Quartz Safe?

All-natural stone will have traces of radon in it. However, another benefit of quartz is that it is an artificial stone countertop that has been permanently sealed as part of the manufacturing process and, as a result, no radon is released.

Are quartz countertops right for your bathroom? Do research, compare costs, and enjoy the end results of your bathroom remodel.

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